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Seven Major Choirs Of Angels

There are seven major Choirs of angels serving as instruments of Heaven on Earth,
messengers from the celestial realm to the corporeal. Their basic natures are defined as
resonance with the Symphony, balanced with dissonance, an angel's denial of his true nature.
Angels who are greatly dissonant run the risk of Falling from grace, losing their divinity and
becoming demons. While the Grigori (presuming any members of that Choir still survive)
are not by strict definition malevolent, they should be avoided as the Outcasts they are.

The Choirs are listed below, in order of divinity from highest to lowest.

Seraphim -- Spirits of Truth
Cherubim -- Devoted Guardians
Ofanim -- Agents of Motion
Elohim -- Objective Observers
Malakim -- Honor-bound Warriors
Kyriotates -- Discordian Borrowers
Mercurians -- Celestial Socialites
The Grigori -- Shepherds of the Black Sheep